presentationWe offer a comprehensive, tailored, high quality service, and yet we ensure cost effective and transparent fees: This makes our clients happily work with us on an ongoing basis.

You can count on a team of qualified professionals with significant expertise gained through years of working with Italian and non-Italian companies. Our staff always remain abreast of any changes in the industry and you can be sure our knowledge is first rate.

Thanks to our alliance with LG CONSULTING, the Italian co-founder of the international association ENGLOBALLY Group, we can offer a ‘one-stop shop’ to clients that require multi-country solutions.

group (1)Not only experts in Human Resources and Payroll, but also people with a passion for their work, responsive to each clients’ specific needs and always ready to find solutions that suit your business.

Customers place trust in us and this is what makes us proud, and our first goal.
We know that we can only give you peace of mind by keeping you informed and aware of any specific HR and Payroll activities we will be performing, with the utmost openness during the whole mandate.
This is what ‘Consulting’ is all about: Sharing opinions, strategies, difficulties, successes, just like in a great team!



Alberto has studied Employment Law and HR Administration at Carlo Bo University in Urbino.

In 2005, in order to follow his vocation in labor-law related issues, he accepted his first assignment as Payroll Specialist for a local HR & Payroll advisory firm, and terminated his previous employment with a German multinational company, which had started in 1995.

In the following years he worked for several accountancy and payroll firms and, moreover, he became a Chartered HR and Payroll Consultant (‘Consulente del Lavoro’). Thanks to a daily cooperation with client-companies, both Italian and non-Italian, and to the study of the diverse issues connected to HR, he has acquired significant expertise in HR management and payroll, which he has been keeping on strengthening and improving ever since, even through an ongoing vocational training.

In 2010, having realized that the time had come to give a more personal shape to his activity, he decided to establish his own consulting firm, which ever since then he has been directing with great passion and commitment.


She graduated in Law in 2010 and started right away her Consulente del Lavoro apprenticeship. She worked at important accountancy firms and gained considerable experience in HR and Payroll management, as well as in employment litigation issues.

Her passion grew strong working day after day in the industry, leading her to become a Chartered HR and Payroll Consultant in 2013 and partner at Studio Ciuccoli.



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